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Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to write Report on Orientation Programme

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Sample Report on orientation Programme
Report on V Orientation Progarmme
Organised by Academic Staff College xxxxx University xxxxpur
Dated: 09th Dec, 2012
First Session:
Resource persons: Prof. A.K.Chandra, Head Deptt of Physical Education, xxxx University, Allahadbad.
Topic: Open and distance learning system
The motivational speech was delivered by Pro. A.K.Chandra, He focused on Open and Distance learning system as technique of teaching and learning approach.
In the words of Prof. Chandra “Open Learning system is the system to facilitate individual learners learning”. He divided learning system into two parts i.e Close Learning System and Open Learning System. According to him a close learning system is nothing but a traditional teaching and learning system, which is an institutional based learning system and learners are taught first then they are asked to raise questions. In contrast in an open learning system, no institutional learning is focused but learners are assigned the task first and when they feel any problem they consult their master.
He further spoke learners expectation are fulfilled in Open learning system and not restricted to an opportunity to any formal degree. According to him the more autonomy, the more open is a learning system and the less autonomy the close is the learning system.
He explained the whole learning system on following five basis;
Enrollment; in a close learning system there is a limited seat for learners, while in an open learning system there is no restriction of seat for learners.
Attendance; Generally 75% attendance is compulsory for learners in a close learning system while in an open learning system there is no any compulsion for attendance.
Standard course material; In a close learning system, there are structural based course materials and the learners are bound to go through the same course and the same paper.
While in an open learning system learners are free to pursue any paper and any course material, there are unstructured course and semi-structured courses are available for them.
Method of teaching; a close learning system is in fact a lecture based, competitive and a teacher-centered system, on the other hand an open learning system is a learners-centered and not lecture based.
Assessment/Evaluation; in a close system the assessment of learners are made on the basis of standard examination procedure in order to promote them into next class. While in an open system self assessment procedure is focused.
Prof. Chandra explain the whole learning system by giving suitable examples.

Second Session:
Resource persons: Prof. A.K.Chandra, Head Deptt of Physical Education, xxxxbad University, xxxxdbad.
Topic: Self instructional material
In this session Prof. Chandra assigned learners to prepare Self instructional material, on the basis of given material, for this purpose he divided the learners in five groups and appointed a group leader in each group. He instructed the learners in this regard, the purpose of this assignment was to develop the skill of preparation of Self instructional material.
Third Session:
Resource persons: Prof. Alok  Saxena, Head Deptt of Commerce, Xxxxx University, xxxbad
Topic: Introduction to computer hardware and software.
Prof. Saxena familiarized the learners with the importance of hardware and software of computer through Power Point Presentation. According to him both hardware and software are integral part of computer.
Hardware includes monitor, keyboard, hard-drive disc, mouse, printer, graphic cards, sound card, memory, mother board etc.
Software, according to him, is a collection of computer programme and related data that provides the instruction for telling a computer what to do and how to do it.
 System software, Application software and Microsoft office software were discussed as different types of software.
Fourth Session:
Resource persons: Prof. A.K.Chandra, Head Deptt of Physical Education, Xxxx University, xxxxbad.
Topic: Self instructional material
In this session Prof. Chandra evaluated the assignment given to the learners in the second session, group leaders presented it individually. Prof. Chandra highlighted the lacuna of their preparation and corrected them they further suggested to improve the skill of teaching and learning approach.
                                                                                                                                                        Prepared by
                                                                                                                                               Sanjay Singh
                                                                                                                                            Assistant Professor
Deptt of Zoology, xxx university xxxpur.

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